In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Scientific association of sport management

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D student in Sport Management, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch

2 Professor of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch

3 Associate Professor of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch


Introduction: The economic environment and business, advertising in sport and through sport is one of the ways That most companies to introduce their products and expand their market to it. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of media relations and promotional brand identity and commitment to transfer Sports From the perspective of sports consumers and provide practical model for using media ads.
Methodology: This study on the nature and purpose and in terms of descriptive and correlational and in terms of searching for data. Sample size was 500 people were randomly selected for answer to questionnaire promotional media due to the transfer of brand identity and the sport commitment done. The reliability test using Cronbach's alpha was 92/0. In order to analyze the data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics and also for the calculation and data processing software packages Spss and LISREL were used.
Results: The study findings also showed the emergence of structural equation promotional and advertising media to convey brand identity and sport commitment from the perspective of sports consumers a significant effect. 
Conclusion: According to the results, it can be said that managers, marketers and planners of advertising companies, organizations and clubs and sporting goods Service Provider Use of the effectiveness of each advertising media advocacy and provide an integrated program of The media and to inform, remind and convince consumers can And repeated increase consumer participation through the transfer of brand identity or brand and achieve their advertising goals.


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